At Beasley Flooring Products , we have the capability of sanding and finishing 100,000 sf per shift between our strategically located plants in Macon, Ga., Franklin, NC., and Bryson City, NC.  Stain colors can be custom developed to fit or match a flooring program.  We use a seven-coat system, including finish layers that incorporate aluminum oxide for durability and scratch resistance.  Our finishes are completely UV cured at time

of manufacturing.  We can apply some proprietary finishes to meet customer needs or match their existing lines.  Grading at the finish line is carried out by four graders capable of grading according to the customer’s program needs, as well as our own proprietary grades.  We have standard box set-ups for our product lines, but can package flooring to meet a customer’s program needs.  QC checks the flooring as it is being sanded and finished, as well as after manufacture to be certain the desired grade, finish, sanded thickness and quality is met.