The Beasley Group of companies are committed to promoting sustainable forestry and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices that insure the present and future of woodlands for generations to come.

By choosing The Beasley Group, you are making an ecologically sound decision for your company, family and our environment. The Beasley Group is deeply committed to following Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that adhere to sustainable forestry guidelines created by the State Forestry Commissions when timber is being harvested. In addition, The Beasley Group holds a deep commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

The Beasley Group’s careful management of timber resources helps to ensure the viability of our regions woodlands. This commitment is key to the Beasley Group maintaining an uninterrupted supply of high quality lumber from our regions woodlands.

The Beasley Group’s manufacturing facilities offer state of the art technologies that are designed to utilize a high degree of yield from every log brought from the woodlands. Virtually every portion of every log brought to our facilities finds its way into a finished product. Whether it’s a high value kiln dried board for solid wood flooring, bark for landscape markets, sawdust used to fire steam boilers or made into wood pellets for export markets, The Beasley Group can provide it.