Quality and Experience.  Truax has over 60 years of experience producing top quality rotary veneers.  Our extensive experience combined with our stringent quality program ensures our veneer exceeds our customer’s exacting standards.


Accuracy.  All of our veneer is dry sized which eliminates glue waste and scrap disposal improving throughput and production speed in your plant.  Our graders will custom grade an order for your specific needs be it “show piece chair component” or a curved display case.

History. We cut our teeth on producing truckload quantities of door bands and know exactly the high standards required for true cross band grade veneer.

Maximum Versatility.  We peel veneer in a variety of species in thicknesses ranging from 1/24” to 1/8”:

Lengths Available: Up to 98” long and 125” wide

Rapid Order Delivery.  Today’s business environment demands quick turnarounds and flawless order delivery.  Truax thrives in this environment and welcomes the chance to help you with any order from small crates to truckloads.